Happy birthday, Lizzie B!

Today was the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice. I saw a headline for Mr Darcy (obviously including a photo of Colin Firth) and thought I should rebalance it a bit. After all, Lizzie is the one I admire the most. So, best wishes, Lizzie and here’s to the next 200 years!

Bearing no relation whatsoever to Jane Austen or her literary canon, I attended a U3A committee meeting today to give them the usual statistics for the website and a couple of ideas I’ve had for it. And, as usual, I had to wait about two hours before getting to present my report.

That’s not a complaint. I love listening to them bicker and bitch about such important issues as the supply of tea and coffee at meetings. Though, the big topic this month was whether to print two or three issues of the magazine.

Last year, it was decided to trial printing only two. This was before I was part of it so I can’t say what was behind the decision, however, I’ve heard a lot about it since.

Actually, there was two issues – the publication and the postage. They decided to try two different approaches. The printing of two issues and the distribution. The distribution was a bit of a farce (as I think I’ve reported previously). The publication thing hasn’t been tried quite yet as the first issue was in October.

And then, today, there was quite a prolonged argument about the veracity of printing only two. This, basically, stemmed from the person in charge of the publication asking for a date for the next issue. Naturally, with only two, the even spread of newsletters is crucial.

The committee numbers 12 and each one of them had an opinion that needed to be aired. And they certainly did that. The main argument for the two issues, was centred around the fact that they had resolved to do it and hadn’t actually managed just two issues yet (a valid argument, I thought). The main argument for returning to three issues, appeared to be because it was a very nice publication and the members deserved to receive it.

Apart from a date for the next issue, the matter was not really resolved so there’ll undoubtedly be more fireworks next meeting. I can hardly wait.

There were some other funny things that had me chuckling inside. The main one was the assertion that most women don’t have their own email addresses, depending on their husbands to pass on anything to do with the U3A.

I always have to remind myself that these people are still living in Victorian England but, even so, there is no evidence whatsoever for this opinion. The technological skills of their membership is not something of which they have much knowledge. So, I guess, it’s anecdotal. I was tempted to chime in with the fact that my mother is an email whiz but it didn’t seem appropriate somehow.

I should add that they are all older than me and the Chairman constantly apologises for having his laptop at meetings while everyone else uses paper – his printer isn’t working.

Anyway, it’s all jolly good fun when you’re a neutral and I’ll be at the next one, enjoying it again…for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    Did you ever put in your report or was that left till the next one and thank you my one and only I like that (E mail Whiz) love mum x


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