Back to our usual Date Night tonight, it being a Wednesday.

As the Snowy Weather Timetable is still in force on South West Trains, I was half an hour later than usual. This might not sound like much but it means I run straight into the commuters, grumbling home.

Waterloo is one particularly grumbly place, with hordes of misery packing the concourse, crowding the unmoving escalators and generally running into anyone not moving at 300mph.

The Tube, too, was grossly overcrowded with a lot of squishing and squashing going on. When I reached Canary Wharf I was amazed at how miserable everyone appeared to be. Surely it isn’t the winter effect?

Mirinda noticed it as well, as we walked back from the ferry to Canteen for dinner. (Having loved our experience at the Royal Festival Hall branch, I thought it would be quite jolly to try the one at the Wharf.) It was really obvious how miserable everyone looked.

Anyway, we didn’t let that spoil our date and had a delicious roast duck dinner followed by Bakewell Tart (me) and steamed sponge (Mirinda). It’s a brilliant restaurant.

In the taxi home (because of a very large and painful blister that has decided to grow on one of my toes that is actually bigger than the toe), I told the driver about Canteen and he said it sounded perfect as well.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    You should get that seen to Gary you don’t want to lose your toe if it goes bad,
    love mum


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