A Day for Voting

I had a pretty busy day today. And a long one due to Carmen deciding I needed to wake up at 5:45! Rotten dog. And then, to douse insult over injury, she had an FSI during our walk in the park. I never plan a bath buffer into my days so I end up rushing her through the shampooing and rinsing and towelling off. Still, it’s her own fault. Actually I think she prefers it when it doesn’t last too long. Anyway, she then was all fresh and fluffy.

I put some time into my fourth and final essay, downloading lots of lovely articles about eReaders and eBooks. Annoyingly, when searching for them, I had to run three separate searches because they are called, variously, eBooks, e-books and e books! Oddly, this formed part of a point I made in the conclusion I drew for my previous essay with regard to automatic indexing. So, quite handy, really.

After a few loads of washing between study, I was off to record the Talking Newspaper for the month. Our presenter today was Prudence. She straightaway told us we had to be nice to her because it was her saint’s feast day. When I asked what she was known for, Prudence shrugged then said

There’s something about wind.” Which made everyone look up, “If it’s windy, the sheets will dance.

Quite surreal. Anyway, having consulted my Oxford Dictionary of Saints, there doesn’t appear to BE a Saint Prudence! I decided to spread my search a little further. I asked the Catholic Online website, which purports to have the largest list of saints EVER. The closest thing to a St Prudence is two saints called Prudentius, both of whom were bishops and, clearly, men. One has no feast day and the other is on April 6. I think someone has sold Prudence a turnip painted as a carrot. Still, we were nice to her anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

We were also regaled with stories from Ann, who was one of my fellow readers. She was having a moan about the Scots and, by way of illustration, told the story of her trip up the east coast of Australia. They’d travelled from Sydney to Cairns and started having a chat with an old Queenslander. When they said how far they’d travelled he was amazed. He’d not been any further than Brisbane his whole life and here they were travelling all that way. Ann’s husband said he had lived in England all his life and never travelled to Scotland. The old bloke then said:

Why the bloody hell would you go to Scotland?

We all laughed and then I said, in my broadest Australian accent:

Why the bloody hell would you go to Cairns?

They then set about laughing at my new hat, declaring it should have corks around the brim. They also asked if I was trying to bring on the summer weather – it was quite overcast all morning. I laughed and smiled politely.

After recording this weeks issue of the Haslemere Herald, Liphook Herald and the Messenger, I was off to the shops to buy my dinner and then to the TA Queen’s Barracks where my polling station is. For today was election day. I did my bit for democracy by placing a cross in the appropriate box. Actually I only really made up my mind this morning. I’m one of those horrid swing voters the parties hate so much. I glory in being so choosy.

But really, I don’t understand party loyalty and always voting for the same group of politicians. I reckon if you’re going to do that you should just have a permanent vote which gets counted and you don’t bother going up there on the day. Voting should be for people who want representation for the community not for the ones who only adhere to the tenets of a club.

Anyway, I did that then wandered up to the hospital to pick up some drugs for Mirinda, finally arriving home at about 4:30pm.

And, of course, due to my hat wearing, the weather has turned lovely. I spent a good half an hour burning rubbish with Carmen for company. When it’s warm, she likes lying flat with her belly on the grass. She looks so comfy, I took her photo.

Carmen chills

Carmen chills

I have to admit that on the way home I didn’t see any dancing sheets.

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  1. Claire says:

    Some Melbourne people are not keen on us nsw people.I guess a little like the English thing. Although I would side with Scots as my great grandfather was a Scot married to an Irish wife I have no English background. Still, England is my favourite country or I guess all of the United Kingdom is. Claire

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