Heat and cold

I’m trying to convince Mirinda to write a bit about her stop over in Singapore but, ever since arriving home, she’s been a bit engrossed in writing a thrilling response to a government request for clarification on some sort of fiscal conundrum. She reckons she still has jet lag…I think this response may be responsible in some small part for her continually drifting off to sleep.

Anyway, as a bit of a taster…unless she never writes anything in which case it’s more a complete entry about it…here’s one of her iPhone videos. This is in the orangutan bit.

Also, if you stand still long enough, some kind person will take your photo for you on your own phone.

Watch out for the one at the end…he wants your hair!

Late in the day, I taught her how to use Facebook so she can upload her videos, photos and thoughts directly from her phone. This is a momentous occasion, indeed!

The weather here in Farnham, however, is a whole world away from the heat and humidity of Singapore. We had a sort of sleety snow falling all day and the temperature never rose above -1.

Apart from my usual shop, we spent most of the day inside. Then, deciding she’d hibernated inside long enough, Mirinda announced we were taking the poodles up to the park.

Ignoring the sledding slopes, that have been reduced to mud, the park looked beautiful.

The Avenue of Trees looking wintry lovely

Of course, the poodles absolutely loved it. They have a thing for snow that defies description. Particularly Carmen who insists on plunging her face into it constantly. You can see the determination in her eyes.

Show me the snow!

Day-z, on the other hand, pretends she’s above such playful stuff, maintaining her aloof look of superiority. This is a lie because she loves it just as much.

What snow? Humph!

We walked back via the Queen’s Bottom. What a beautiful stretch of snow covered ground. Almost untouched by sleds but dotted with dog and walkers’ footprints.

The day was drawing to a close but the snow provided a ghostly, blue light, making everything look like something from a Grimm’s fairy tale.

Amid a wasteland of white

It was all very beautiful, enjoyed by all four of us.

The only downside of the day was the inability of Neil Robertson to retain his world snooker champion crown by beating Mark Selby. I was allowed to watch the final session of disappointment. Selby played much better and deserved the win. Oh well, maybe next year, Neil.

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2 Responses to Heat and cold

  1. Thank you Mirinda for the videos of Singapore!! Wow! It sure has changed since I was therein the 70’s and 80’s! Beautiful! I especially loved the music – it brings back so many memories of nostalgia. Ahh! How happy your poodles are to be back home with Ma and Pa and romping in the snow! Thanks for sharing this lovely blog and all the photos too Gary! Love Aunty Jan Xxx

  2. flip100 mum says:

    The snow looks like a wonderland lovely.
    love mum

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