Not goodly

Poor Claire had quite a bad turn last night. Sometimes she can’t breath properly and, combined with a need to cough, her body panics. It’s very scary to witness, particularly when you feel utterly useless to help.

Anyway, Fiona was called and I felt even more superfluous as they all gathered around and waited for the panic to be over.

A lot of soothing and cajoling later and Claire was feeling a lot better and went to bed. Fiona left and the rest of us retired as well. It was not what you would call a particularly good night though at least a visit to the hospital was averted.

Then, this morning, while I was out for my morning walk, Bob had a bad turn and put himself to bed. Apparently he has these turns sometimes. It’s a sort of alarm call to say he’s been pushing himself too hard and needs to chill a bit. Which he does.

I went and did a load of shopping and, by the time I returned, he was up and a lot more active.

Fiona then came over (with Lauren) to spend some time with them both while we went for a drive up to Tamborine Mountain. We headed directly to the Polish Place for lunch.

I always hate ordering the same thing as Mirinda so I let her order first and, then whichever one she orders, I order the other. For instance, at the Polish Place, we both fancied the herring and the salmon. Being the gentleman, I gestured for Mirinda to order first. She just leapt in with the herring. Naturally, I ordered the salmon. Perfect.

After a delicious lunch, we headed down to the main part of North Tamborine, called Gallery Walk, which is all there specifically for tourists.

Gallery Walk

We walked up one side of the street then back along the other, popping into the occasional shop, not buying anything. (Actually, the only thing we really liked was a big painting that we couldn’t have managed to get home…so didn’t buy it.)

Our favourite place was the very strange German Cuckoo Clock Shop. It has a pretty amazing collection of cuckoo clocks that did all manner of charming, chimey things. The weirdest thing was the amount of Japanese (or Chinese) tourists who took it all very serious and, no doubt, think Germany is in Queensland.

A seriously bizarre shop

We ended up at a cafe, where we had delicious pecan and caramel slice and coffee.

The slice and the drinks were fine, the cafe was okay as well but the staff were all pretty teenage girls who were actually quite surly. They weren’t really rude but it was as if they were above everyone they were serving and they were only working under sufferance. I guess it’s what you’d expect from teenage girls.

Anyway, we eventually made our sleepy way to Fiona and Andrew’s before finally returning to the apartment. A long, tiring day.

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