Sun gone

After a very sunny Christmas Day, the follow up was pretty grey and drizzly. Never enough rain to actually get wet but enough to make sure the air was thick with liquid. Mind you, by the time the air makes it up to the 19th floor, the humidity has been stripped out and it’s actually quite fresh and cool.

There were a lot of surfers out first thing, trying to catch the waves and generally unsuccessful. According to the paper, the rips were pretty bad along the coast yesterday and the lifeguards were kept very busy.

If we had been in Britain, the grey would have remained the same, miserable shade, but here, in Queensland, the grey gets lighter as the day goes on. It makes it bearable. Almost.

We went to the Hassells’ for lunch and stayed for hours. Andrew’s brother, David and his partner, Leanne popped over shortly followed by Arthur and Anne (Andrew’s mum and dad). It was all rather jolly and there were a lot of laughs.

Claire wore out after a bit so Bob took her back to the apartment and eventually, Mirinda and I went for a drive up to the Gold Coast to check out the dock that we hope to go to tomorrow in order to catch a boat tour of the rich and famous.

Before going back up to the apartment, Mirinda texted Bob, asking what he’d like from the fish and chips shop opposite. We were about to go in when this drunk sounding and rather aggressive man came out of the place going on about $2 he was missing.

We didn’t fancy going into the shop as this guy was making it look rather unpleasant. We turned away as the strange chap emerged from the shop swearing and being incoherent. This made a rather tall fellow sitting outside a bit angry.

He stood up, towering over $2 guy, telling him to show some respect for the little girl who was in the shop. It all started getting very scary as we walked back across the road and went up to the 19th floor.

Having left Mirinda in the flat, I went back down and put in our food order. There was no sign of the $2 guy or the tall ‘respect’ guy. All a bit extreme and so unnecessary.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    That’s a shame about the Gold Coast it use to be so nice none of the rough stuff.
    Your cruise sounds great hope it is a nice day weather wise.
    love mum


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