Christmas on the beach

Today we went over to Fiona and Andrew’s for Christmas lunch. It was all very chilled and we all had a lovely relaxed time. Apart from a baked potato, the food was Australianistically ideal in that it was cold.

There was the usual rampant present unwrapping, with the bulk of the work carried out by the kids.

Enjoying Christmas with the Hassells

Lauren wore her weird rainbow leopard hoodie with the ears.

Lauren showing off her new hoodie with ears

And Jason was enthusiastic about just about everything.


Andrew was rather keen on his new shirt.

Pink and blue goes so well together

And Fiona loved her new charms.

A charming Christmas

Poor old Buddy was quite worn out with it all (particularly the whipped cream) and ended up sitting on the back wall, watching the peaceful canal.

What’s all the fuss with these stupid humans?

Eventually we left the Hassells and went for a long walk along the beach as far as the headland. A lot of lovely family groups were out playing various sports and generally thoroughly enjoying themselves. It all looked delightfully perfect.

Mirinda, happy on the beach

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    Looks like a lovely family Christmas.
    Love mum

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