Skyfall – eventually

Ages ago, we went up to Hankley Common to watch the progress of the making of Skyfall. The posts I made about it are still the most visited. Well, today, finally, we actually saw the movie.

On Mirinda’s recommendation, we went Gold Pass, the Business Class of movie attendance. And I have to say, I NEVER want to go back to the ordinary movie cinema ever again. And this is why I’m not allowed to travel Business Class.

The day started nice and slowly. I went for my usual jaunt along the beach, stopped for a latte and then walked back to the apartment. We then just lazed around for a lot, punctuated with Bob going out and returning with a wonderful bag full of prawns.

We then sat on the balcony of the 19th floor and ate them all. To accompany the prawns, Bob had caught a strong whiff of freshly baked bread and instantly bought a loaf. The woman at the bakery offered Bob six assorted rolls for $1, especially for Christmas.

The view from the balcony in all directions is quite amazing but the thing I like most is looking straight down into the pool. I think it looks quite amazing.

The view from above

Prawns devoured, Mirinda and I set out for the biggest shopping centre in the known universe. Well, the biggest I’ve ever visited (or ever wish to visit). It is the Robina Town Centre. It appears to be the actual town centre which has had a roof put over it in all directions, walls put up and cold air pumped in.

There’s also hundred’s of acres of car parking and, seeing as it was Christmas Eve, most of the spaces were taken when we arrived. Fortunately, the top of the car park is always the last to be filled up and we had plenty of spots to choose from.

Before going to the cinema, we had a bit of a wander around the shops. We then bought our Gold Pass seats for the 3pm session of Skyfall.

As well as seats, Gold Pass allows you to order food and drinks for waiter service to your extraordinarily comfortable, extra width seat. There is an amazing amount of leg room and only about 40 seats in the cinema. Of course, the seats recline (I’m surprised they don’t vibrate with magic fingers) and there’s a table between each pair.

We loved Skyfall, especially the bits filmed at Hankley. I particularly liked the villain, played brilliantly by Javier Bardem. His insanity was superb.

After the film, we went to Fiona and Andrew’s for a quick drink and some hilarious Carl Barron which made us sick with laughter.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    I have been to that Shopping centre a long time ago with A/Hazel and U/Ed and it was big then but have heard it is bigger still. Great you enjoyed the movie.
    love mum


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