Three short of a meat tray

Mirinda was sure we were going to win. If we’d had number 500 rather than 497, we would have won. It didn’t spoil lunch at the Burleigh Surf Club but it left Mirinda a little sad. It also meant a whole load of meat didn’t wind up in Fi and Andrew’s fridge.

Actually, it was an odd day. First thing, all was well. I went for the usual walk, took some photos along the beach, ended up having a hazelnut latte, yadda, yadda, yadda and wound up back at the apartment.

Looking back towards Surfer’s Paradise

While at the apartment, we watched a rescue helicopter practice rescuing people from the sea.

The Westpac rescue chopper

We then set off for lunch and, after the disappointment of not winning the meat tray, this was when the weirdness started. Down the village feel of James Street, an awning had collapsed off one of the buildings.

The street was cordoned off with police tape and police and fire and rescue people milled around everywhere. According to mum, three people were hurt but we missed that because everyone was just standing around trying to work out how to put it back.

The group of three may be discussing the Thai Massage sandwich board in front of them

According to the news, however, one person died and five others were injured. The report says that it was a tragic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for the man who died. The awning pinned him to the wall and, although a huge crowd of bystanders tried to lift it off him, he died at the scene.

An awful thing to happen. The man was only 54 and his wife is devastated. Tragic.

Not knowing anything about it, we strolled around then collected the car and drove up to Mount Tamborine. When we reached the road that heads up the mountain, it was cordoned off with police tape, police officers, rescue vehicles, etc. It was irritating and meant we had to endure the satnav telling us to turn around for the next few miles as we searched for the back entrance.

I later heard from mum that the road was closed because of a bus crash. The news, while stating little, says that two people were in a critical condition after a bus load of Chinese tourists rolled down an embankment.

It was a busy day for the rescue service in this part of Queensland.

Meanwhile, we finally made it to the Polish Place, on the top of Mount Tambourine. The Polish Place serves a lot of Polish food and drinks (it has a book full of flavoured vodkas) and has spectacular views over the Albert River Valley and towards the Great Dividing Range. But that’s not why we went. We went for the insane lorikeets that are totally addicted to sugar.

They can rip open the paper packets in a nanosecond and devour the white granules quicker than a greasy pig falling off a monkey bar.

Greedy little bugger

Of course, Mirinda wasn’t satisfied giving them just sugar. They were soon feasting on blobs of her ice cream as well.

What a weird tongue he has!

They were very happy to pose for many photographs.

We’re a couple of swells

But, eventually, we had to wave our new avian friends goodbye as we were off to Fi and Andy’s place for dinner. And a lovely dinner it was as well. Prepared by Andrew, eaten by the rest of us.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    They are so pretty what a day you had still apart from the two accidents (thank goodness it was not you two) you had a great day shame about the meat tray.
    love mum

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