Slender Amnesia

I have discovered two very frightening games that are enjoyed by 14 years olds. Basically, the games are enjoyed because they are scary. Silly scary, really. Still, they work. Mind you, perhaps better than the games are the youtube videos of people playing them and being scared. That’s how I spent tonight.

The day started normal enough. We ate a hearty cooked breakfast, packed the car and left Nambucca, eventually joining the highway even though the traffic didn’t want to let us in.

Actually, Mirinda decided to reverse away from the t-junction and go left instead, turning around up the road. Poor Bob didn’t have that option seeing as someone pulled up behind him and he ended up stuck there for ten minutes.

We had a lovely stop at the completely over the top Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. It’s so kitsch it’s delightful. We had ice cream, took a few photos and then continued on our way.

The biggest banana

The traffic around Kempsey was pretty dire. There was a queue of cars 25km long, fortunately going south. It was just the result of too many cars, not enough lanes.

Our next stop was at Ferry park on the Clarence River, which is gorgeous and runs parallel to the highway for quite a long way. Here, Claire successfully had a toasted ham sandwich while Bob had a giant burger and Mirinda and I stuffed ourselves with enormous and succulent steak sandwiches. It was an excellent lunch.

The Clarence River at Ferry park

And Ferry Park is a lovely spot for a rest stop.

Eventually we pulled into the skyscraper we’ll be living in for a week at Burleigh Heads and gradually unpacked the cars. Fiona had already been and stocked the fridge for us.

The view from the 19th floor

A lot later, Fi, Andrew, Lauren and Jason came over to have tea with us. Cue Gary to act like a 14 year old and wind up watching endless Youtube videos with Lauren and Jason as he was taught the ways of Slender and Amnesia. I’m afraid we were somewhat raucous.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    Never heard of those games Gary it does not take much for you to be 14 again.
    love mum

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