Too hot and humid

You know the weather is too hot when the lizard comes out and mocks you.

Dad’s mate, Henry

While it’s been hot every day, today was the first time it’s been overcast and humid. Subsequently, I spent the day in a wet t-shirt. And didn’t do an awful lot.

Of course, I went for my usual hazelnut latte and watched the fishermen for a bit. I’ve yet to see anyone catch anything and generally it’s just a bunch of blokes talking about the fish they caught when there was no-one else around.

But there was great excitement this morning when a couple of young boys threw a small bait fish into the water in order to attract an egret that was perching on a light pole. The egret spotted the fish and immediately headed down to retrieve it. Unfortunately it went straight through the fishing lines sticking out from the railing and ended up flopping in the water.

The two boys were stunned, their mother racing forward to clutch them to her chest to save them the sight of the flailing bird. The fishermen just laughed it off as they tried to rescue the bird. One old guy grabbed a tattered towel while the others started to move their rods. The bird just sat on the water, occasionally flapping it’s wings.

And then, as suddenly as it had fallen into the water, the egret took off, small fish in it’s beak. Everyone laughed in relief. I went to the cafe for my latte sad that I didn’t have my camera with me.

The rest of the day was spent inside watching the cricket or sitting outside reading in the almost non-existent breeze.

After Australia wiped up the end of the Sri Lankan batsmen and won the first test in Hobart, I went back down to the beach for my evening walk. I watched two teams of rowers going up and down for a bit. They really worked hard going against the receding tide but had it very easy coming back.

One of the rowing teams

I then popped into the sports bar (again) for a deliciously cold beer before heading back to the house for a much needed shower. Note that I have yet to turn the hot water tap on in mum and dad’s shower.

How do you like my special fish trap?

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