The trip that sucked

Mirinda has asked that I remind her about how awful her trip back from the conference was yesterday, given it’s a yearly event. Hopefully this post will help.

The main problem (among quite a few that irritate and annoy her) is that they finished at 5pm. This means that everyone leaving will just be in time to join the hell that is peak hour. This is always bad enough by train but when you’re driving via the M25, it becomes your worst nightmare. How people do it every day is beyond me.

The journey from us to the conference, according to Linda, is around an hour and a half. Mirinda doesn’t match Linda’s speed so it took her closer to two hours going up. Oddly, there was quite a bit of traffic as well, even though it was a Sunday afternoon. Still, two hours isn’t too bad.

The trip home, on the other hand, was quite a bit longer due to multiple traffic incidents on the M25. Using her bluetooth device, we chatted for almost two hours as she sat in traffic, moving about three miles. Eventually she left the motorway (the M25 at the junction was suddenly closed) and hit the back lanes of Berkshire, trying to find a way home.

The trouble with Linda is that she just wants to take you the simplest way which, sadly, is the M25. This means that when you leave the simplest route, she keeps trying to get you back there. Driving on your own with no idea where you are and no map, is not something Mirinda enjoys. In fact, any sense of adventure tends to fly out the car window.

Eventually the phone cut out and I was left not knowing where she was or what was happening.

About an hour later, the phone rang. When I answered all I could hear was Linda giving the occasional navigational instruction and some weird noises outside of Sidney. It was a bit surreal. I had my netbook on, trying to find out where she was based on Linda’s announcements. I also kept talking but it was as if Mirinda had vanished and the car was driving itself under Linda’s guidance.

Eventually, Mirinda realised I was on the phone (I’m not sure how) and we started chatting again. The conversation was less one sided than the one I’d had with Linda.

Eventually I figured out where she was and told her to listen to Linda because she’d finally decided not to send her via the M25 and she’d be home in about 20 minutes…which she was.

Rather than two hours, the entire journey had taken almost five. She wasn’t best pleased.

So…for the 2013 conference, we need to work out a better plan. I’m going for the train option so she can travel up with colleagues rather than driving on her own. Even a train would be better than tonight’s trip.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    Wow!! what a trip I would hop for the train any time.
    love mum


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