Blinding white

Basically, a day spent inside. The rain didn’t let up, just drizzled all day. Of course, I went shopping first thing and Mirinda went to guitar class, but that was about it.

Mirinda spent a large part of the day working on her DBA and the poodles slept, somewhat mystified why they couldn’t go for a walk. They don’t mind getting wet and muddy but, clearly, they don’t have to clean up after themselves. Given that’s my job, I figure they won’t suffer too greatly.

Actually, back when we both worked and we lived quite a distance from any decent walking, they would go an entire week without a walk. Fortunately they have such short memories that these sort of things aren’t really that important…except for at the time.

Sophie and Tom are coming over tomorrow so we went up to Waitrose in the car after lunch in order to buy the required ingredients for the tagine I’m going to start first thing in the morning. The afternoon was spent making small pistachio slices and almond ice cream for the same reason.

Over dinner we watched The Five Year Engagement with Emily Blunt and Jason Segel, who also co-wrote the script. It’s a fun little romCom and Emily Blunt is perfect for the role of the long term fiancé…if you ignore her radiated teeth.

In an episode of Friends, Ross has work done on his teeth which, effectively, make his mouth into a mini lighthouse. I think Emily went to the same dentist. They are really quite scary. And look completely unnatural. A shame, really, because every time she opens her mouth, you miss the first bit of dialogue as you are struck by the throbbing glow.

Still, it was fun and the perfect Saturday night stay at home, feel good movie.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    Know what you mean about teeth we were watching So you think you can dance and there was a guy on there we were so busy watching his teeth missed his dancing LOL.
    Love mum


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