Poodles and powerpoints

Last night, Day-z had a fit of the vomits. It was ghastly. As Mirinda said, from the safety of the phone, it’s like having charge of a baby. Subsequently Day-z was a bit sad and sorry for herself all night.

Her first assault was on the floor. It’s good the way they know to get off the furniture when they feel their food threatening to return from where it went. Sadly, her second bout, failed to give enough warning.

She was lying on the lounge, fast asleep, dreams making her feet twitch while I watched the TV. Suddenly she sat up, turned her head and whoomp! Out it came. All over the lounge cover. She gave me a pitiful look, as if to apologise. I told her it was fine and that I was pleased we insist on covers on the furniture.

She then proceeded to go outside and have a bout of diarrhoea for which she needed a jolly good bottom wash.

The only reason I’m writing about this, more than distasteful episode, is because of what happened to Carmen today.

When I rose, earlier than usual, all was well. I was up early in order to be ready for the electrician. Mirinda is of the belief that one can never have too many powerpoints and I’d organised the sparks who installed the new control board, to come over and give us some new ones. Six to be precise.

He turned up at 8am and set to work immediately. Well, to be exact, after I’d shown him where they were needed. And the noise started. He had to rip up floorboards, drill holes, hammer away at the walls…it was like the second floor had been taken over for training by the Royal Fusiliers.

And then, at 9:30, Kate turned up to take the poodles for their regular haircuts.

I busied myself in the kitchen and dining rooms, finishing up the Autumn clean I’d started last week. It’s always easier without the poodles and it allowed me to listen to a lot of Radio 4, something which is never a chore…even when doing a chore.

Sometime after lunch, Kate brought the poodles back with a sad look on her otherwise sunny face. Carmen had had a bout of explosive diarrhoea shortly after her cut. She’d never seen anything like it. The floor was awash with a foul, yellow, stinky liquid that had hurriedly exited from Carmen’s bottom.

Naturally I was very apologetic but she shrugged it off saying she was more concerned that Carmen was all right. Naturally, the poodle in question looked perfectly fine and was jumping up at me, happy to be home and basically trying to tell me all about her wonderful time under Kate’s clippers.

I told her about Day-z and she said they must have both eaten something that disagreed with them in a BIG way. I agreed, saying I’d feed them something bland for dinner. So, sorry girls, boiled chicken and pasta for you tonight.

I must say that while I was very apologetic, I was quite glad she hadn’t decided to explode in the house. By the sounds of it, she clearly put the ‘dire’ in diarrhoea.

I watched them both frolic in the back garden, tails wagging, carefree and happy. They seemed to be just fine. Obviously whatever caused the grief was successfully expelled with all the enthusiasm of a child’s visit to Legoland.

The electrician, who was working in the lounge at the time and overheard the conversation, agreed with me, saying he was glad she didn’t do it in the house. It may have put the brakes on his work for a bit. As it was, he worked like a lunatic and was finished by 2pm.

So that was it – after I went shopping. A very successful day in the house. Though I still feel a tad guilty about Kate’s floor.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    Poor poodles great that they got rid of it better at Kate’s as she would not have carpet
    love mum


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