Replaced by fog

I stepped off the train in Farnham at around midday, having been very lucky in my connections from St Pancras, into a world of white. Not the nice white of Paris but the slightly off-white of foggy Farnham. According to Dave (next door) it’s been like that since we left last week.

He wasn’t impressed when I told him we’d been basking in 24 degree sunshine in Paris. Neither was Josh, my Starbucks barista, when I told him. It’s remarkable how close Paris and London are yet how different the weather can be.

There’s not much to say about the journey home. We had a very speedy taxi ride to Paris Nord, indulged in a coffee which, quite frankly, was rank then boarded the train for home.

I slept for a lot of the trip while Mirinda worked on her laptop then watched a video on her iPhone.

At St Pancras, I joined the hordes of wheelie bags descending into the earth while Mirinda went and caught a bus to work. I hopped from one Tube train to another with a chance to draw breath and found myself with ten minutes to spare at Waterloo for the final leg home.

I’d been emailing Nicktor about a possible Nicktor Night tonight and he turned up, as usual, at 6pm for a night of beer, whisky and entertainment.

We watched a lovely Shane Meadows film (I think the last one) called Somers Town, about two young lads who meet up and become friends in London against a background of the building of the international terminal at St Pancras. It was quite bizarre, given I’d been there earlier in the morning. It was even more bizarre that they went to Paris at the end of the film.

Anyway, another beautiful film by Meadows, starring one of his favourites, Thomas Turgoose who plays the set upon, hard done by lad so very, very well. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

We also started the seventh and final series of Sorry. Only three episodes to go. I reckon we’ll miss it when it’s finished.

As usual, a great night which ended far too late. To top it all off, Aldershot won tonight, something they’ve not been doing this season.

By the way, Nicktor was quite taken with the idea of beef and cheese…

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3 Responses to Replaced by fog

  1. Mirinda says:

    Maybe our life is actually a movie and those sommerstown boys are watching us.

  2. flip100 mum says:

    Yes that sounds pretty good Mirinda, poor you going to work got the wrong end.
    You and Nicktor had a ball didn’t go to the football.
    love mum

  3. flip100 mum says:

    PS Forgot to say yes you are right that girl does look like Ugly Betty.
    love mum (Josie)

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