Bright & Glossy

Today I painted the top of the desk with the type of thick white gloss that only requires one coat. And it taught me a valuable lesson. I will never believe a can of paint again. One coat, my arse. I’ll be painting a second coat tomorrow or my name’s not…what my name is.

Given it’s a high gloss, oil based paint, means it was very smelly. It didn’t help that the rain kept coming over in waves so I couldn’t have the windows wide open. Still, it didn’t take that long and I had the door open.

Nice and shiny…but not quite enough

Having finished the first coat, I then decided to bite the bullet and finally paint the trims on the windows. This requires working outside with the windows at their widest. And the weather wasn’t particularly kind.

There was a couple of close calls when I had to quickly pop the lid back on the paint and run into the office as the rain poured down. But I not only managed to undo the fittings and paint them once, I second coated them late in the day. So damn you, weather gods! I won.

Almost finished

Then all work had to stop as Nicktor arrived for our usual film and beer fest. We watched an enjoyable (though that’s not quite the right word for it) film by Shane Meadows. It’s called Dead Man’s Shoes and is a great revenge/vigilante film. Meadows is amazing at getting fantastic performances out of actors and his direction is superb. To say we thoroughly enjoyed it would be about right. In saying that, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like swearing, violence and the usual things I like.

Of course we then finished the night with lots of Sorry and Goodnight Sweetheart. Another great Nicktor Night.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Office looking good .
    love mum

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