Cedar shingles

After the office was completed, the guy who did the cedar shingle roof gave me the leftover bits, telling me they make a very aromatic fuel for the fire. He was right.

Today the rains came. It didn’t stop all day. This was, in one way, quite good. It meant Mirinda rested her voice, lying back in the lounge room with her laptop, learning how to use a piece of software for her DBA.

The downside was we didn’t get to go anywhere. We sat and watched the rain pour constantly upon the garden. Good for the garden, not particularly nice as weekends go. Though, it should be said, a Sunday doing nothing can be quite pleasant as well.

Along with the rain, the temperature has also dropped. This meant lighting our first fire of the season. And this meant burning some of the cedar shingles.

The house was filled with the smell of cedar all day, giving it a delicious aroma, particularly up the stairs.

Mirinda’s cough seems to have calmed down a bit, allowing her to sleep through the night. Still, it’s a slow and frustrating process.

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3 Responses to Cedar shingles

  1. Jan says:

    How wonderful sounds like a romantic Sunday. Yes Cedar Is a wonder aroma we sometimes burn it as incense when we chant. Lovely and cosy. By the way the ‘Heal the Body’ book, the mental causes for physical illness and metaphysical Way to Overcome them by Louise Hay, says for a coughs that the probable cause is:- ”A Desire to bark at the world. ‘See me! Listen to me!” The New Thought Pattern:- “I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways. I am loved.

    The book also says See Respiratory Ailments and that says:- probable thought pattern:- “Fear of taking in life fully.” new thought pattern:- “I am safe. I love my life.”

  2. admin says:

    She actually has tracheitis and it’s nearly gone.

  3. mum cook says:

    Oh my !!!! what a lovely Sunday that’s what I miss a
    lovely fire
    love mum


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