From desk to Dawn

Today I started building my desk in the office. And, boy did the path help. Before the path, I would have to work on the patio just outside the back door but the path means I could have everything just outside the office. It also helped that the sun shone all day.

The poodles helped me a lot

I didn’t want a desk that would take up too much room so the top is quite narrow however, given I now use a laptop, I only need a minimal amount of room for equipment (four external drives, amplifier & speakers and printer). The thing is, I always tend to fill the available space so the less space I have, the better.

Looks a bit bare at first

I stopped for lunch when Dawn arrived for a much overdue visit. I haven’t seen her for two months – she’s been far too busy. She, of course, was dying to see the office. She was very impressed. She thought it was a lot smaller than it actually is. And she liked the colours. She was also quite impressed that I was building the desk from scratch.

DAWN: Is it a kit?
ME: No. I’m making it up as I go along.

I had a quick clean up and then we popped into Farnham for a lovely lunch at Cafe Rouge where we ate and had a massive catch up.

Dawn went to a conference last weekend so we chatted about that a lot as well as the recent Cansfield trip to Brittany. I’m surprised we managed to eat because we talked and talked.

Then, halfway through lunch, my phone rang. It was Mirinda. She’d been at the conference when she exploded into a coughing fit which meant she had to evacuate the room quick smart. This happened again during the next speaker. She was feeling awful and embarrassed so we decided she should come home. She had to wait for the end of the talk as her bag was inside the room. So much for Bath!

After a delightful lunch, Dawn dropped me back home and I restarted work on the desk. It was more or less finished before Mirinda arrived home.

Just waiting for the return now

My next job is to construct a return. This is where the printer will sit. But that is for tomorrow. I must add that it’s very handy having the office to store my tools and stuff in rather than pack it all away in the shed at the end of each day.

Handy for storage overnight

Nicktor wondered why I built one when I could have easily bought a desk. Nicktor doesn’t understand how much I thoroughly enjoyed today. I always love it when I can make things.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Your desk looks great I understand much better to have
    made it yourself.
    love mum


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