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Set off very late for Boswell Farm. We decided to go via the A31 rather than the usual A303, and across the New Forest. Therefore had a lovely lunch at Ringwood in an old store in the centre of the market square. Mirinda mistakenly had salted beef while I had a Buck Rarebit, which is the same as the Welsh variety except with poached eggs, We also had hazelnut lattes.

We then had a lovely trip along the coast for the final bit of the trip.

We almost didn’t go on this trip because the foot and mouth outbreak has closed a lot of the countryside. Sidmouth, however, has remained open to visitors but farms, such as Boswell, have closed their bridle paths. This means that anyone wishing to leave the farm has to take their car the 100 yards along the path first. Annoying but, obviously necessary.

We went into Sidmouth and had a good pub meal for dinner, accompanied by a Gold Exmoor ale.

Before the explosion

Before the explosion

Returning to the farm, there were sudden alarm bells ringing in our little farm outbuilding. Mirinda’s powerful nose picked up a horrible smell in the main bedroom. She tracked it down, with meticulous precision, to a spot which had recently provided some mammal with an inappropriate place to pee. Sadly, for us, this was on the bedside linen.

We (meaning me) immediately threw the linen outside and opened the windows wide. It was too late to do anything else so we slept in the two single beds in the kid’s room. The room or the bed sloped so much I slept fitfully and precariously on the edge of the bed all night.

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