Staying awake

Not much happened today. I didn’t even go into Farnham. I did manage to leave the house for an hour and a half when I took the puppies to the park but otherwise I was tied to my desk!

I managed to get the most boring part of my second essay almost complete. Though I made a few pleasant diversions by cleaning the bathroom, burning the rubbish and doing all the washing as little breaks through the day.

Still, though dreary to the extreme, I think I’ve broken the back of this one and just waiting for a book to arrive for a citation for the first one. Things are looking better. I will have Monday and Tuesday to complete them both.

One of our patches of tulips has sprouted one single flower. Although there’s about 12 in the patch. It looks a bit weird among the green foliage. The colour in this photo is a long way off correct. It’s actually a darker red with a yellow fringe around it.

Smallest tulip in the garden

Smallest tulip in the garden

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  1. Claire says:

    A pleasant diversion I have never heard cleaning up put so positively but come to think of it I always feel much happier when I have cleaned .Recently when I was continually having headaches in my jaw as well as in the head.I found that if I cleaned a drawer or cupboard out the headache would go.I had a scan and tests it is thought that when I had a virus and then the flu that some damage was done to nerve endings.I could not work at essays or a uni course I would find that to demanding and boring.I admire your persistence and ability.Claire

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