The reason I came home late on Sunday night was because, on Monday, I had my first FATN magazine reading.

This happens once a month and consists of a series of long stories of local interest, chosen by the presenter from various sources. There’s no editing for the reader to do as the presenter does it all, giving approximate timings. The edition is changed as it progresses in order to fit as much into the time allowed as possible.

Presenting for my first edition was Mary the Indefatigable. And I have to say, it was quite nice just being a reader again, particularly under Mary’s expert leadership.

My stories were a lovely blend of historical articles and handy tips such as How to Sleep When You Can’t. We also all read a short poem about summer. That’s the normal kind of summer and not the wet, miserable one we’re having at the moment.

The recording was all over by midday, taking only two hours, which is a vast improvement over the news editions which take five!

Today, on the other hand, was mostly spent inside, pottering about, working my way through the mountains of washing while Mirinda worked.

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  1. mum cook says:

    You should have ask Bridget if you could do your washing
    before you came home I hate bringing home dirty wash.
    love mum

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