Theatrical Coincidences

Last night we saw Charley’s Aunt at Woking and tonight we saw Nobody’s Perfect at Guildford. Eric Sykes was in the Aunt and was brilliant but…GASP…more theatrical coincidences!

  1. A few weeks ago we saw A Murder is Announced at Woking on Friday then Lettuce and Lovage at Guildford on the Saturday. Both plays had a main character called Letticia who’s name was shortened to Lettie. There was also a Charlotte called Lottie in both plays.
  2. Last week we saw Art at Woking on Friday then Beau Brummell on Saturday in Guildford. Both plays were about male relationships and how things are perceived. Both plays also consisted of all male casts.
  3. In Charley’s Aunt, a character dresses up as an elderly woman in order to help out his chums while in Nobody’s Perfect a character dresses up as an elderly woman in order to help himself. Also, both were very funny.

What is it with these two theatres? Do they do it deliberately?

Stephanie Beecham, in Nobody’s Perfect, was marvellous, as usual.

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