Day of the Poodles

Absolutely gorgeous morning. Had to wear my old walking boots as my new ones still very waterlogged (after last night’s wet walk home).

Another slack day at work except for the usual last minute rush jobs because of a major event…the World Cup, in this case. Went to Yates’ pub for the first game (France 0 -v- 1 Senegal) alone, because all the others decided to just see the second half. Had a great time!

Interestingly, at half time the pub emptied of a lot of people who didn’t return for the second half. Had four pints, no food, subsequently returned to work tipsy.

Anna F Glazebrook left today which is the end of the Launch Centre. The new format for CP requests has yet to be tested.

Arrived home to a very big surprise. Mirinda went out and bought two pedigree black poodles – Carmen and Day-z. They are diabolically cute. They cost £350 EACH! So, a LOT of cute, then. Thank the gods for Mirinda’s special bonus…that’s all I can say!

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