West End Final!

Getting a wake up call at 6, showering, packing, getting into a taxi, arriving at the station and boarding the train by 7 is a hell of an experience, I can tell you. Still, it’s just like catching an early morning commuter train from Katoomba to Central. The train ride from Paris was pretty uneventful with most people asleep.

Oh God, you know when you’re back in the UK! Lost property doesn’t open until 2.30pm (it’s really easily smuggling drugs in but woe betide anyone forgetting their mobile phone), all but one of the automatic ticket machines wasn’t working and the one that did wouldn’t accept cash-cards and the guy who finally sold me one looked at me as if I was a terrorist impersonating an Australian. Wonder of wonders though, I didn’t have long to wait for a train to Woking.

Needless to say I didn’t get my phone back until Wednesday lunchtime.

Overall a great weekend break. I now love the French and Paris and Eurostar.

Oh, almost forgot, “Wessen Vinyl” is actually the Evening Standard seller’s call of “West End Final” all mushed together.

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