A few updates:

The Dead German
I have since found out that it costs £5,000 to send a body back to Germany if the person dies when away from home. The man concerned was visiting his daughter in England and on holiday. Clearly it would be cheaper to use the return half of one’s plane ticket. Not that anyone is saying they knew he was dead. They haven’t been to court yet. I still like the idea they thought he was asleep.

Joanne is my cousin on my mum’s side. And yes, Heather took the photo. Joanne then made her take a photo of all three of us. But that was on their camera.

CRB Check
Yes, we have the same thing here when you have any interaction with children. It’s called a CRB Check. I had to have one when I volunteered to help primary school kids to read a few years ago. Because I’ll be ‘working’ in the back office and not coming into contact with any children, I didn’t need to have one for the Science Museum. I think they’re a great idea. When they work.

The game last night was terrible. The Shots lost 2-0 and fully deserved it. The other side was much hungrier and worked hard for the win. Not very entertaining for us. We actually left 5 minutes before full time, something we rarely do.

The fact that Chelsea won against Bolton more than made up for it though. It puts us 4 points clear at the top of the table with only four games to play. We only need to win three of these last games to be League champions! Ah, memories of 2006.

Nicktor didn’t stay last night. Dawn and the boys have been away in the New Forest (Remember that sign to Sandy Balls, Claire…well that’s where they’re staying!) and he had to clean up the mess he made constructing his Ikea bookcases in the ‘Good Room’. He was sad but resigned. He also spent a large part of the evening telling me about his bookcases. He even showed me photographs.

Tonight I’m meeting Stevie for a few drinks and a huge catch-up. We haven’t seen each other since last December! He has since managed to pass his driving exam and is keen to drive me somewhere. I’ve missed him and I’m really looking forward to it. Seeing him as well as being driven.

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2 Responses to Updates

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Shame about footie match. Good on Stevie passing his driving test . Wonderful Ikea furnture 5 min to put together!!
    love mum

  2. Claire says:

    Seems a fair thing as the body already had a return ticket at that cost. I agree with you Gary I like to believe they thought he was asleep.Yes,I do remember Sandy Balls and New Forest what a wonderful place.I am sure Dawn and the children would have had an amazing holiday.Claire

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