Wonderful nature

When we went to the park this morning for our walk, it looked wonderful. The hawthorn has started to blossom, readying itself for any Beltane festivities, daisies are springing up everywhere, the trees are back in leaf, the mud has dried up. The sun was shining and a wind was blowing, keeping everything cool. I was forced to wear shorts, it was so warm.

Meanwhile, our garden is starting to come alive with bulbs. A few isolated freisures are starting to appear around my fairy circle. The daffs that line the shadow of what was once the Wendy House have yet to be anything but green, but the tulips are all starting to bloom. The yellow ones up under the gazebo are the first while the red ones down by the cherry tree are almost ready. Mirinda’s potted tulips are just ready to explode with colour as are the ones I planted beneath the weather station.

And the magnolia! Goodness. What a lot of flowers.

As I sit typing this in the study, the garden looks alive. The birds are twittering and dashing to and fro, a squirrel is hanging from the hornbeam, one poodle is asleep on the patio while the other is lying behind me on my chair. The world looks wonderful today.

Nicktor is due at 6pm and we’re off to watch the mighty Shots.

Yellow tulips under the gazebo

Yellow tulips under the gazebo

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2 Responses to Wonderful nature

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Your garden sounds wonderful, yellow tulips look very pretty photos great of holiday. Sent both photos around to everyone. have fun with Nicktor.
    Love mum

  2. Claire says:

    It is so good to see some of the places you visited on the isle of wight.Your friends boy looks very sweet the apartment you stayed in looks very interesting.I would love to see your garden in the next few weeks.Your tulips look great.love to you both

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