Days best forgotten

A year ago, we were on our way to the heat and humidity of New York. Two years ago, we were basking in the sunshine in beautifully blue Brittany. This year we are being kept indoors by the ceaseless bad weather.

There are flood warnings everywhere with the relentless rain. Gardens are starting to resemble ponds. There are brief glimpses of sun but, just as you decide to go out and enjoy it, the rain returns in a natural defiance that makes you wonder what the gods are thinking. Havin’ a laugh, clearly.

Most of the day was spent putting the final touches to my new computer as I lay the old clunker to rest. The other day I accidentally discovered that I’d in fact, NOT packed my software in anonymous cartons in the lock up. They were happily sitting in a bookcase, grinning at me.

The new machine makes such a difference. And the keyboard is very quiet (Mirinda claims I keep her awake with my loud typing). Not that it will make any difference, Internet side. Hopefully.

So the day was spent mostly inside with a brief dash up to the castle and back (just to give Carmen a good, solid FSI) before the rain started again.

Will it ever stop raining for longer than an hour? I hope so. According to Joanne, it’s sunny and hot in Ireland. That’s just unfair.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Uncle Les said it is too hot in New York 104 Wow and you have floods what a world hope it is still nice and sunny when you go to Ireland.
    love mum


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