Prince Albert rules

What a great day I had today!

Science Museum
The induction went very well. There were 11 of us, each volunteering for different roles. We started with a short video entitled A Day in the Life of the Science Museum which was very good and showed how active the place is at all hours. After this we all introduced ourselves around the table. Six of us are over 50 and the other 5, under 30. We then had a presentation, given by the director of volunteers (Oliver), about the history of the Science Museum. Part of this involved a question and answer session.

Oliver put up a photograph and asked if anyone knew what it was.

Crystal Palace,” Everyone over 50 answered instantly.
And what’s happening?” Oliver asked.
The Great Exhibition,” The oldies answered together.
Very good,” Oliver said. “And what year was it?
1851,” We obediently answered.

He then went on to explain that there was around £1800 left over after the Great Exhibition finished, and Prince Albert suggested it be poured into the establishment of a musuem of science and industry. From this, gradually grew the V&A and the Science Museum we know today.

After this we had to fill in a lot of documents to prove we were who we said we were and eligible to work as volunteers and a bit of a chat about Health and safety and Confidentiality etc.

Oliver then took us on a tour of the museum. I’ve never been until today. What an amazing place! I shall definitely go now. They had tried to cater to all sorts of visitors and each gallery we visited was different. I particularly liked the Wellcome collection of medical instruments but the others were brilliant as well.

And then it was all over. All I have to do now is wait for my supervisor to get in touch for my start date. I’m really looking forward to starting.

Cousin Joanne
And then I went over to Waterloo to meet my cousin Joanne, who I haven’t seen for about 35 years. I told her to look for a guy wearing a blue baseball cap which she reckoned wasn’t blue. She recognised me anyway, claiming I hadn’t changed.

We had a wonderful couple of hours in the Duke of Wellington over a few beers, chatting and reminiscing. She is in the UK, briefly, with her daughter Heather, before popping over to Ireland to see her mum, Bridget. They’d just been to the US to see Janet and her brood as well as New York, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. They are having a great time, though it sounds a bit exhausting.

It was lovely. And to prove it I made her pose for a photo:

Gary & Joanne at Waterloo

Gary & Joanne at Waterloo

They both then disappeared down to the Bakerloo line while I waited for the 7:25 to Farnham.

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2 Responses to Prince Albert rules

  1. Mum Cook says:

    What a great photo of you both what a pity not a very long visit I expect Heather was taking the photo, your induction sounded great bet you cant wait to get started.
    Love mum

  2. Claire says:

    The science museum volunteering how good is that.One of Bob’s cousins is the curator of the Sydney museum or perhaps he is retired by now.Which side of your family is Joanne from?You look very comfortable together.Because of our connection with students and youth leadership camps we had to fill in a form they then check if you have a criminal record as well as the other imformation.claire

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