Suffering in the sun, sun, sun

The days are getting shorter. Our nice long nights of light are slowly, inexorably coming to an end. The seasonal change sneaked up on me this year. Because of the lousy weather leading up to the longest day, it wasn’t until after June 21 that I became aware of the long hours of daylight. I guess that’ll happen when you have countless days of wall-to-wall grey cloud.

Still, it wasn’t like that today. It was not only sunny, it was also quite hot…well, for me it was quite hot. Spending most of the day in the garden meant I was subjected to the full force of the British sun. ‘Force’ may not really give the right impression.

Mirinda went in to work late today – she had a very important spreadsheet to work on, which meant I had a very important spreadsheet to fix up – so I ended up having two walks into town. Not that I’m complaining. It’s always nice getting to have breakfast together.

As I’ve said, most of the day was spent in the garden, trimming back the grass from the mowing strips that have all but disappeared under the grassy onslaught. Then I discovered later that Mirinda hadn’t noticed the bit I finished last week! I could have saved myself a job. Still, I think it looks better.

There were a couple of urgent and rapid amendments to the very important spreadsheet through the day to interrupt my labours but other than those, my day was quite bucolic…without the sheep.

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  1. mum cook says:

    A really small Blog for you but busy one.
    love mum

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