Paying the ultimate penalty

That’s what happens when you miss one during a quarter-final in front of millions. It can’t be easy. Walking from the centre circle, the hopes of your team, your supporters, your country, resting heavy on your shoulders. You have to banish any thoughts of failure from your brain as you place the ball. You don’t look at the goalie as you prepare yourself. You give him a brief glance and then step into your run. England Expects…but you miss. One off the cross bar, the other one saved.

It was the expected result of a game, that at times, seemed to be Italy v Italy. For a bit of the first half we were on top of them, almost scoring, showing a hunger for victory. This didn’t last very long and in the second half it was nearly all Italy (the real one). How they didn’t score will be debated for many years to come.

Tired legs dragged the teams around the pitch for a further 30 minutes as the 0-0 scoreline forced extra time. And still England hung on to the slenderest of draws. But we never win penalty shoot outs. And there were no surprises tonight. England were out of Euro 2012 and Italy face Germany next Thursday.

And now the country will be hoping Andy Murray can get to the finals at Wimbledon…

Meanwhile, in the ordinary world, the day started looking decidedly dodgy. Grey clouds, threatening rain, chill wind easing the humidity when it blew.

Last night Mirinda asked for a traditional Sunday roast today and so I brought home the smallest leg of lamb I have ever seen. Even so, it cost £10! The more reasonably sized leg was £24. Still, it may have been small but it was delicious. Especially with the roast potatoes, parsnips, veg and Gaz Gravy.

The right size for a Borrower

Before we sat down to dine, we took the girls up to Hankley. We haven’t been for ages and it was great to see how much heather has started to grow, replacing the burnt swathes from last year. Although a lot of it has been taken over by grasses and a strange little red plant which makes the ground look as if it’s been spray painted in patches.

The film set for Skyfall has completely vanished and, for all intents and purposes, may never have existed. It’s really quite amazing.

On our way back to Sidney, I suddenly thought mum would like a couple of pictures of our new hats. Mine is from the Surrey County Show and replaced the one that the BT technician stole…

The replacement hat

…and Mirinda’s is the one she bought with her French language skills (“Your French is a marvel“) in Bergerac.

Mirinda’s new French sun hat

Now that proves we had some sun!

Two years ago, I reported on our Verbascum “banana custard”, a tall, spire of a plant with many, many tiny yellow flowers. Well, they only appear every two years and this year we have been waiting for them to appear. They have, finally!

Verbascum banana custard

This particular plant is massive. The top of the spire is well over six feet from the ground. Here is a shot using Mirinda for scale.

Verbascum banana custard and Mirinda for scale

The garden is really starting to look bright and cheerful…a lot better than the football.

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  1. mum cook says:

    WOW!! your meat is way dearer then ours but looks good and love the hats thank you took the picture’s for my picture’s. Love that banana tree and my it has grown very pretty colour.
    love mum

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