I think I’ve mentioned before how my desktop computer has been very slowly dying. At the moment, it sits beneath my desk, both sides of the box off and most of the insides held together with scrappy bits of string and wishful thinking.

The worst thing is that all but two of the USB ports have stopped working. This means I can’t listen to the music drive or access my photographs. I also cannot print or scan. This is basic computing from the dim, dark days of the mid 1990s.

In fact, to charge my eReader the other day, I had set the software off then pull out the mouse in order to plug the book in. All I could then do was leave it until the book was charged before closing down using the keyboard in order to disconnect it. (I know I could have just pulled the device out of the USB slot but, being schooled in safe removal of equipment, I closed the machine down.)

Anyway, it all became far too much for me on the weekend so I ordered a new machine. A shiny new Asus laptop. It arrived yesterday morning.

I didn’t have a lot of time to do much more than start it up and grin as I was off to the football. Again, today, I was too busy to even open it.

For one, I had a two hour conversation with Mum and Dad, a bit of weeding and planting in the garden, a walk with the dogs, etc.

Actually Pete asked me yesterday to describe one of my typical days. There’s no such thing, I informed him. Each day holds new adventures with remarkable consistently. Well, if I ignore the pretty regular Waitrose and Starbucks visits that is.

One regular thing is seeing Mirinda on a Wednesday. She had a meeting across our usual lunch hour so we decided on dinner instead. We both prefer dinner but her French lessons made that impossible. While classes are in stasis, we can return to a leisurely stroll around Canary Wharf before eating in some favourite restaurant.

Last night we decided to eat at the Lebanese restaurant that has previously only been reserved for lunch. It did not disappoint.

For lunch, they have a fixed menu for two, which we love and, for dinner they have a fixed dinner menu! The two are quite similar except the evening choices are bigger and it’s three courses.

We’re pretty sure the maitre d’ recognised us although this could just be his exceptional skill at making every diner feel like an old and trusted friend. Whatever, it’s always a lovely experience.

Of course, it does mean quite a late night for me as I head back to Farnham. Tonight, for instance, I caught the same train as last night, not reaching home till midnight.

I noticed, sitting across the aisle from me, a woman I’ve often seen on the late trains. She dresses like a high level business woman and is always working on her laptop or Blackberry. It made me wonder how long her days must be. She is always picked up at the station so her driver clearly keeps foul hours as well.

When I spotted her tonight I realised how glad I am that Mirinda has the flat and how my getting home late once a week is a small price to pay.

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One Response to Asus

  1. mum cook says:

    Glad to read your laptop arrived so happy computing . and yes we did have a 2 hours chat went so fast but with lots of laughs.
    love mum

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