A lot of garden art

Today, after lunch, we went to an NGS garden as it was just up the road at Tilford, something that happens rarely! I mean, usually they’re miles away.

Anyway, Tilford Cottage Garden, which has its own website here, is an amazing collection of different garden ‘rooms’. Each of the rooms has different artistic expressions in it. The gardener, you see, is an artist as well, and he has created an extraordinary variety of garden areas in, what was once, just an empty two acre field.

The garden leads down to the banks of the River Wey

One of my favourite things were the hedge doors. At various spots in the hedges, Rod (the owner) had put in blue doors rather than just having the usual arch. There’s also a lot of figures who keep an eye on you as you wander from room to room.

The face in the hedge

There are also chicken wire figures dotted around the garden, leaning or sitting near the hedges, the branches growing through from the wire. Eventually these will be complete figures, like the dude with the sunglasses, but at the moment they look like humans being slowly engulfed by the greenery.

The coolest of the cool

Of course, there’s also quite a few bright, happy flowers. As you stand looking down towards the river, colourful blossoms pop up from around the concealed paths that meander through. It all looks very unplanned but is obviously laid out for maximum appeal.

Reds and pinks

Our only complaint was that the cakes in the tea shop were inaccessible. So, cakeless, we enjoyed a cup of tea on the main lawn enjoying the sun while the poodles laid back in the shade. You see, possibly the best thing was that they welcomed dogs and so we dragged Carmen and Day-z around with us. They weren’t that keen in the garden but they quite enjoyed the walk we took them on afterwards! Especially when they saw all this bacon.

Who you lookin' at?

After our walk, we decided to pop into the pub for a leisurely pint but were thwarted by the fact that two groups of people were busy discussing their respective bills (pulling them apart, putting them back together) and, therefore, forcing the two ladies at the bar to ignore the thirsty patrons. We decided to have a drink at home.

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3 Responses to A lot of garden art

  1. mum cook says:

    Wish that picture of you was a bit bigger as very hard to see. Did not like the face looking at me very creepy but liked the rest and what a lot of bacon as you said. I would have thought one would have seen to the bills and the other serve but I am old fashioned. Customers always come first. That was drummed into me at 14. love mum

  2. admin says:

    It’s not me!


  3. Mirinda says:

    The pig looks very relaxed – great porktrait.
    You didn’t mention all the stones in the trees.

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