Blustery showers

Today was to be about the garden. The weather, however, had different ideas.

Before thinking about preparing and planting up the new bed (where the hedge once ruled) we had to come to a final decision about the garden office. The storage versus no storage extension was the main bone of contention which was resolved when considering the huge footprint the extended structure had.

Mirinda quickly saw the problem and we resolved the office size, which I marked out. It runs parallel to the Wonderful Path but Mirinda wants to see what it will look like running parallel to the new fence. The position is not going to hold up the building works so I can start to organise it next week.

It also has a new name. I was toying with gazPod, The Pod, the Emerald Palace…but have decided on Gazarea. I should add that this has nothing whatsoever to do with the rather attractive Algerian singer of the same name. It’s just a combination of Gaz and Area given it’s my office.

Of course I had to draw up a scale plan of the new dimensions, just to check that the bookcases and filing cabinet will fit in…which they do. We then headed up to Squires garden centre for some bedding plants and top soil.

Ready for the off

I unloaded Sidney onto the wheelbarrow but was stopped in my tracks by the weather. The strong gusts of wind has managed to blow in the rain. Any thoughts of outside work were quickly banished. Given Sunday is traditionally a day of rest in our house, it looks like my Monday is planned out for me.

It wasn’t all gloom in the garden, though. The first flower from Mirinda’s Avenue of Pots has arrived.

The first potted flower

It’s such a happy little blossom. Hopefully a few others will join it soon.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the England Sweden game played last night in Euro 2012. Talk about stress! England never do things the easy way. After leading then going two goals down, they played like a team destined to an early return home. But then, in a couple of wonderful moments, they scored two more goals and won 3-2. Now all we need is a draw against the co-hosts Ukraine in order to go through to the next round.

Interestingly, this was the first time we have ever beaten the Swedish national team in a competitive match. Nicktor and I are going to watch the Ukraine game on Tuesday night. Our fingers are crossed.

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4 Responses to Blustery showers

  1. Simon Smith says:

    Good luck with your garden office! I’ve seen loads of pre-fab Pods on the market recently, but all of them seem so tiny it makes you wonder if they’d actually work in practise.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Simon! We’ve checked the size and we think it’ll be just right. We’re going for a Langham through Crane’s so not really a pod, more an office.

  3. mum cook says:

    I will be glad when it is up and running as I can’t wait to see it.
    As for England and Sweden Bob in the front unit beat you to it told me the next morning. love the first flower (red of course) that is out the rest will look just as lovely.
    love mum

  4. Mirinda says:

    It’s only taken us about 6 months to decide on the office … I hope it doesn’t take that long to install.

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