Two weeks ago, Chelsea failed to beat a team well below them in the league table. This gave Man U the opportunity they needed to take the top position. A lot of Chelsea supporters were disheartened. Maybe next year we’ll win the league.

This weekend, Chelsea played Man U at Old Trafford. A tough call but, possibly, Chelsea’s last chance to win the league title. And they won! 2-1. Funnily enough, there were a few dodgy referee decisions, two of them resulting in goals. Naturally the Man U fans were braying for blood when a Drogba goal was scored from an offside position (and it was) but they were strangely silent when their goal was scored off the hand of their player.

Everything evens out. There was also two penalty appeals, one from either side. Both were turned down. Anyway, Chelsea played a much better game and deserved to win. So there.

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