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Today I met with the webmaster from U3A. I have offered to take over from him as he wants to spend time doing other things. We sat down, chatted, played with his laptop and generally discussed what has to be done. I was happy about it and my offer still stands. We’ll now be doing it together for a bit until I feel confident. Of course I know how to update, amend, maintain a website but it’s more the information trail I’ll need to master.

We had another scorcher today (I know, I know, it wasn’t REALLY a scorcher) and I took the girls up to the park for the first time in three weeks. Boy, is it lush! And the cows have made a return, including, I note, a belted Galloway, no less.

Just a handful of the holidaying cows

They get let loose in the park every year about this time and do a fantastic job of keeping the grass down. They also give Day-z lots of lovely piles of wet, slushy stuff to roll in. Not that she did that today, I’m very glad to say.

And I have an update on the mud left behind by the circus. The park rangers are raking it up and putting in some grass seeds, hoping for some healthy regrowth. I spotted the tractor up there today. At least that’s what I think they were doing.

Mechanical grass creation

And while I’m busy with the updates…I think I saw the fledgling fly out of the holly this morning. It looked like a baby female blackbird but I couldn’t be sure. It was very quick! Fingers crossed it was.

What I certainly did spot was this thrush pecking away at a worm in the afternoon. It was terribly patient, waiting for me to take a photograph. It’s just a pity I couldn’t get it more focussed.

Will you PLEASE hurry up, my worm is getting cold

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  1. mum cook says:

    What is a cow doing with a belt on?. Talking about you baby bird, when I got up the other morning there was a baby bird trying to lift a worm. It was so long it had to break it in half to get it in his beak then fly up to the roof of next door’s house.
    love mum

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