Filling a gap

When the tree and hedge removal guys were here, they left the stand of beech trees more or less intact which meant that when the fence guys took over, the placement of the first fence post wasn’t flush with anything. This is fine because eventually the beech will grow and fill the gap but, in the meanwhilst, it needed sealing in order to keep the poodles from invading Chutney’s territory. That was one job I did today.

The last little bit

The rest of the day was spent trying to stay cool. It has been getting increasingly hotter since our return and we all know how much I love that.

Before lunch we decided to take the poodles for a walk and, for a change, we went up to Bourne Wood. We’ve only ever been once before but we figured it would be a lot shadier than Hankley and less crowded than Frensham. And we were right.

Obviously not the shady bit of Bourne Wood

It’s mostly forestry commission (which explains the straight rows of trees) and is often used for film locations. There was no filming today and only one other group of people plus someone blowing mournful notes on what sounded like a Viking horn, every now and then.

A rather steep hill we didn't walk down

The dogs were very hot and searched in vain for any skerrick of water. Fortunately I’d brought along the handy dog water bottle that Nicole bought us so very long ago. They actually preferred it to the only puddle we found on the entire walk. Mind you, Mirinda said the liquid in the puddle looked more like syrup than water so maybe they were right to ignore it.

Another not very shady bit

I’ve realised that the pictures make it all look very open and lacking in shade. It’s not the case. Besides, we had sun hats on.

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  1. mum cook says:

    About time you had some warm weather nice and cold here, at least your summer does not last as long as ours.
    love mum

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