Watching the babies

I had Talking Newspaper today so I had to leave the gate for the fence guys (although it was only one today because his mate has ‘gone travelling’) to get to work. It was an early one, which went very well, and I was back by 1pm. And what a difference!

The fence guy was almost finished (he did by 4pm) though I think he was a bit fed up with only having his own company for the day. Funny, but I always preferred working on my own. Still, each to his own and all that.

The garden now looks fabulous.

The finished article letting in maximum sunlight

I now have a lot of work on the new, ginormous bed they’ve created.

The fence, of course, was very exciting and Talking Newspaper very enjoyable but little could equal the thrill of watching two fledgling blackbirds taking their first steps into the world.

The nest is in the holly tree but they have clearly tired of that and one of them has taken to hopping across the path and sitting in a small shrub every now and then before returning to the safety of the holly tree. Its sibling has decided to move into the beech tree.

I have been watching them, making sure the Crazies’ cat doesn’t find out about them. Their father has also been on the look out for any untoward felines…which would be any felines.

My little Fledger

I’ve decided to call it (I have no idea if it’s male or female so figure ‘it’ is safest) Fledger. One thing I can say about Fledger, is that it’s not camera shy. It quite happily posed for me, with only the occasional head on the side look which says “why are humans so weird?

Fledger is still very small and unable to fly yet, though this will come soon.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Ahh what a pretty baby so cute dad and I think your garden looks lovely with a new fence, you could do with a bit of a tidy on the other side, but the path is still the tops.
    love mum


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