Bliss in France

This place is beautiful. Of course it helps that the weather is just about perfect and it’s very quiet. Even so…this place is beautiful.

The owner’s house, just across the drive from us

The beds are a bit weird, it has to be said and the whole place is a bit damp after a wet winter (we are the first of the season to use the place) but nothing that a jolly good airing won’t fix.

The shower is FANTASTIC! Powerful and hot and enclosed in a screen, exactly what one wants from a shower. This differs from the one at Mestre, which I considered was so awful it didn’t even warrant a mention…but let’s just say it dribbled, the shower head was about three feet off the ground and there was no curtain.

Today was all about doing very little, apart from going for a walk around the village and along part of a country walk. It’s a lovely village with a gorgeous old church.


We popped into the Bar/Tabac/Restaurant in order to buy some water (Mirinda reckons it may have been the guy’s only sale of the day) and then set off on the yellow route which wound around the top of the village and then off into the countryside.

The countryside around here is absolutely alive with insects and small mammals, lizards and birds. As we walked along, we had a few, what I think were baton blue butterflies playing leapfrog with Mirinda’s runners. I think it was the bright cerise laces they were particularly attracted to.

At one stage she stopped, avoiding crushing some by a fraction of an inch and a quick yell from me. Her heel raised, two blue butterflies frolicked around it, not a care in the world but for each other. I tried to get a photograph but they were just too quick.

We walked for around three hours, returning exhausted and quite hungry. So, while I prepared a lovely, light and tasty French lunch, Mirinda jumped in the pool to cool off. She reckons this is possibly the best view she’s ever swum to.

Swimming in a wonderful background

Just to finish off this day of doing very little, here’s a short video of the house we’re staying in. It may not work very well because I don’t have the right software on my netbook but, hopefully, it’ll give you some idea.

Tomorrow we are going all prehistoric…

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  1. mum cook says:

    It was great loved the video and love the very high bed.
    also the view agree with your wife the best place to have a pool
    love mum.

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