Constant rain

I’m fairly certain that this has been one of the worst Sunday’s we’ve ever spent in the UK. I admit, that could be a slight exaggeration if I include the Christmas we went to the Lakes, but even so, it was pretty dire.

It was like all the rain we’ve already had decided to double up and fall in one day. As a consequence, we didn’t leave the house. Of course I went shopping in the morning (and managed to get soaked) but that was it for me and Mirinda stayed inside.

I find that days like this are good times to perform a bit of essential housekeeping on the website – clearing out old files, fixing up photo albums that no longer work. While there’s no obvious evidence of my having done anything useful, at least I know the site is working a little bit better.

As I go through the many pages, I often wonder whether I should change it all. It does occur to me that I’m possibly one of the only people who actually look back over old photos and journals so, for that reason alone, perhaps I should make it what I want.

Perhaps, once all the travel journals are transferred to the blog, I will make wholesale changes, just to spruce it up. Of course, this can only be accomplished when the weather is rubbish and I have nothing else to do, given the size of our website.

In the meantime, I just look out the back window and thank Dave we now have a path. I reminded Mirinda how awful the back garden would be if not for the path. We may dither over other changes to our house but this one has proven a boom.

PS: The reason I might not be able to make the first FATN committee meeting (as I mentioned yesterday) is because I’m expecting a delivery on Tuesday and have no idea when it’s due.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Thank you for the reason. That is a good idea if you know what you are doing as I told you Saturday I am worried I am getting rid of the wrong thing. Just have to wait for you.
    love mum

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