Replacing St John

Ever since we discovered the closure of St John’s at Odiham, we have been searching for a new celebration restaurant. Mirinda found Latymer at the Pennyhill Park Hotel, 13 miles up the road in Bagshot. We booked in to it a while ago but had to cancel. We then booked it for Mirinda’s birthday.

Pennyhill Park itself, dates back to 1609 when it was a field with a beacon in it. Building didn’t begin until 1849 and was completed in 1851. There followed a succession of owners until, in 1972, it became a hotel.

It is located in lovely secluded grounds which contains (along with the hotel, wedding venue, two restaurants and conference facilities) a golf course.

The only blot on this otherwise perfect landscape, is the constant traffic noise from the M3 which isn’t very far away. It would be totally Sylvan if one was deaf.

The Latymer restaurant inside the main building is run by head chef Michael Wignall, who has not just a Michelin star but also an impressive 5 AA rosettes! And it’s easy to see why.

The entire night is more an experience in luxury and being spoiled than just a meal out. And the food…fantastic!

A happy birthday celebration

Ever since we tried the chef’s table and taster menu in Prague, we’ve wanted to try it again and Latymer provided us with the perfect opportunity. Alongside the normal ala carte menu, they have a ten course taster. We didn’t hesitate.

Course after course was delivered to us, each one beautifully presented; a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. The level of gourmet food can be measured by the fact that, as I mentioned to Mirinda, Dad wouldn’t have eaten anything. Not even the bread.

My favourite course was the first dessert – there were three. It’s probably quite difficult to imagine mixing fresh garden peas with strawberries and mint ice cream but it was FANTASTIC! The colours are the first things to impress. It was beautifully presented. And then the taste…sweet baby green peas and strawberry is a wonderful combination. Like a taster menu should, it left me wanting lots more.

At first glance, I thought I would enjoy the last item most (that’s it pictured) because of the combination of caramel, ice cream and dulce de leche, all big favourites in my mouth but the peas and strawberries beat it into a cocked hat! Genius.

Dessert number 3

Anyway, it was a lovely birthday for Mirinda (we’re so glad she’d recovered sufficiently to go) and a delight for my palate. We’ll definitely be returning.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Dad said he would have liked the dessert just picked the peas out LOL .

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