Elvis isn’t dead!

Weather-wise, it was a day of all sorts.  Blue skies, grey clouds, sun showers, mud.  Decidedly not cold and the snow has all melted.

The poodles were a bit over excited, growling and snarling over various bits of dead turkey and brightly coloured squeaky toys.  They find Christmas all a bit too much.  Sick of hiding their various presents around the house, I took them for a walk.  Just as the rain started.  Of course, having already attached the lead it was too late to back out so I threw on my raincoat and ventured forth into the park.

There was an extraordinary number of people wandering around the park.  Big family groups, not always with dogs, clearly exercising off Christmas dinner.  These are people who are not normally in the park.  They don’t bother saying hello like the regular dog walkers.  I generally refer to them as city types.  I have no idea if they are.  For all I know, they may be from South Farnham – the snotty part.

Most of the shops in Farnham were closed so maybe these people were lost, searching for an open  store.  I say most but the ones that were open were not the big chains (except for Boots and Smiths) but smaller ones and some restaurants.

One big group was walking with a feisty little Jack Russell.  It was when we were almost home so the poodles were back on their lead.  As usual they decided to snap and snarl at the Jack Russell but, unusually, the other dog snapped and snarled back.  Generally dogs run off when Day-z snaps at them.  She really has absolutely no social skills.  But not this time.

The Jack Russell chased them around my legs, entangling me in the lead.  Carmen started squealing (she is so embarrassing) and slipped her collar off.  The Jack Russell managed to pin her to the ground and was baring its teeth.  Carmen was squealing even louder.  I managed to separate them and calm Carmen down while the Jack Russell’s owner finally ambled over to put his dog on his lead.

He was all cheerful and chuckles as he bent over and scratched Day-z’s face.  I did the right thing and assuaged their fears by saying Carmen was a drama queen.  Did they apologise?  Did they say anything.  Actually, yes.  He asked me how to get back to the cricket ground carpark.  I was very tempted to direct them into the worst, muddiest part of the park but I resisted and told them the shortest way.  Just as it started to rain.

No harm was done.  Carmen really is a drama queen – from her sick bed, Mirinda heard her screams they were so loud – but I really thought these people could have expressed a bit of remorse.  Like I say, city types.  They just have no idea of the rules.

Contrary to this, at the beginning of the walk, we were met by a terrier called Elvis.  We’ve seen him before and he was truly ready to play.  He ran up to Carmen, making her chase him.  When she turned back he’d come up behind her and pat her on the back, making her chase him again.  He was hilarious.  Day-z didn’t think so as she stuck to my side but Carmen was having a great time.  As was Elvis.

Walking with Elvis were three humans who made all sorts of apologetic noises, through the laughter.  It really wasn’t necessary but Elvis HAD started it.  It was far too funny to take too seriously.

Oh, and Mirinda is still sick.  She seems to gain a new symptom each day.  This morning she was sneezing.  She’s getting pretty bored.  She wanders around upstairs like Mrs Rochester in the attic!

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