Flower transplant

I spent most of today in the garden. Seeing as it was all blue sky and sunshine, it was very pleasant. Having the radio on also aided in the overall pleasantness.

The main thing that has to be accomplished this week is preparing the bed closest to the house for some decent planting. This isn’t as easy as it is to type. But before that, I had to transplant the lady’s mantle and geranium from the front garden to the back. This was no easy task. They both are pretty deep rooted but I managed to get them safely (I hope and only time will tell) newly sited in the back.

Next I had to move a few Aquilegias that have self seeded everywhere. This accomplished it was then time to dig up the masses of bluebells. I moved a load last year and they survived under the hedge so I added some more to the sweeping river of green as well as popping a few in the mossy lawn in front of the hedge. Hopefully they’ll look good next year because they’re a bit forlorn at the moment.

Having managed to remove anything of any value, I then went mad and forked the bed up, weeding as I went. Eventually I could get to the fence (between us and the Crazies) and ripped the old, dead golden hop vines off the wires that generally suspend it when it’s growing. This was very fiddly!

Meanwhile, the poodles were annoying the resident frog so I had to keep rescuing it. I’m sure I’ve discussed the frog before. I’m not sure where it lives but every now and then it appears on the patio and the girls love trying to play with it. The frogs defence mainly consists of just sitting there doing nothing. This just makes the dogs want to play even more. Stupid frog. I must have rescued it 100 times before it decided to hop away to where ever it came from.

As soon as I finished the bed, the birds went mad, swooping down and inspecting for anything alive they could lay their beaks on. Most persistent was a little robin who didn’t even wait for me to finish! Here is my little foreman sternly watching over my work, just waiting to jump on anything not quite right.

All I want is a worm! Can't you hurry up?

Of course, after lunch, we went up to the park (along with the thousands of others seeing as it’s holiday time for the schools) and spotted the woman with the two big white dogs. They are lovely but one is really docile while the other is a bit of a terror. The Terror is always kept on a lead. It just growls and barks ferociously at any other dog that stupidly crosses its path. Needless to say, Day-z runs a mile every time she sees it. I have never seen two dogs walking together, that are so different.

The terror is to her left, the docile on her right

Apart from the Terror, Day-z was very inquisitive today, sniffing a few picnic baskets and generally being fussed over by groups of sun-happy visitors. It was all rather jolly.

Meanwhile, back in the garden, my gloves waited…

Hurry up!

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2 Responses to Flower transplant

  1. mum cook says:

    What a tame Robin just so he can be first to get the worm, love that picture of your gloves very DEADLEY ERNEST LOL.
    Love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    Funny gloves pik! The park looks lovely and the cheeky robin adorable. She’s got the right idea, “hurry up and stop using the rain as an excuse”.


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