Windy picnic

Up at 6 and went for an early walk at 6:30. Very hot already but a nice wind when I got to the Power Boat Club. The usual OAPs and poodles all smiled and said g’day. They’re obviously getting used to me now. When I reached Pelican Waters the blister on my foot burst, which slowed me down for a bit. Actually it slowed me down completely as I stopped and sat a spell on a conveniently shady bench and wrote up my journal.

Rang Mirinda when I got back – it’s snowing in London. The tube has stopped and trains are a mess. Claire rang from Burleigh to say hi. She says Bob is a lot better and, according to her, is taking things a lot easier and not getting so stressed (TAKE NOTE BOB!!).

Then Peter F arrived with a trailer of dirt for mum and dad’s sand packed backyard. We spread it around under and by the hoist. Now it looks less like a beach. After Pete and Kelly had left I suggested to mum that we meet Trace for lunch, if she’s able. So we went down to Moffatt Beach with all the picnic stuff and acted as human boulders, keeping the tablecloth flat against the ferocious winds. Dad says it’s the edge of a tropical cyclone and they’re likely to get rain some time soon. Hopefully when I’m in Singapore.

Holding down the tablecloth at Moffatt Beach

After lunch Tracey gave me the full tour of her work. Amazing! From design to sale, they make jewellery. Grant (her ex-flatmate) has the BEST job. He’s a designer and has 2 3D printers that make wax copies of anything he creates on his PC. Brilliant! Wish I had one. He showed me all these things he’d made including an amazing hollow wheel with a full set of working bearings in it.

I met all the staff and they seem a very cheery lot. peter, her boss, seems a jolly sort of fellow. Helen (I met her at mum’s when she picked up her daughter’s skirt on Monday) was there and Tracey wondered how she knew me.

Finally said goodbye to Trace, then off back home with a small detour via the new Pelican Waters shopping centre. Because it’s so new, it is virtually empty of shoppers and a pleasure to shop in. Got some more Twisties on Mirinda’s advice this morning.

Then one final walk along the beach. The wind was ferocious (dad’s tropical storm drawing ever nearer). I sat and watched some insane guys surfing with parachutes strapped to themselves. Looks like fun…yeah, right! Maybe if you’re a surfer, not a bikie from Penrith.

Drove over to Denise’s about 4. Nice drive through all the eucalypts. Very hot and humid at Denise’s but the perfect design meant it was slightly cool and comfortable. We had fish and chips for tea, something I haven’t had for a very long time. Tres yum. We then sat and chatted, watched TV, etc. I kept falling asleep during Kiss Me Kate. The final gag was huge and Denise (sitting next to me) shrieked with laughter, waking me up with a start. All I saw was this guy standing on a stage doing strange moves. Everyone else was cracking up. Denise turned to me and asked how I could possibly not laugh at that! When I admitted to being asleep it got just as big a laugh. AND they never told me the joke!

Everyone went to bed while Drew, Kelly and I sat and watched 3 South Park episodes. Very funny as per. 1 old one but 2 from the new series. Eventually crashed in Drew’s room – he was on a mattress on the floor.

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