Thongs and hot sand

Awake at 5am (wish I’d stop doing that!). Laid in bed for half an hour reading, which was nice. Rang Mirinda at 7:30. She sounded tired and miserable, which only makes me miss her more! Thank God for the phone…or thank Alexander, anyway. She had a big meeting today (HER today, my yesterday) then a class. Too many people at the bus stop on the way home and no taxis so she walked. She hated it. If she even hints about living in London, I am to remind her of this awful walk home. She had a good class about submerged archaeology which sounded very interesting.

At 10:30 mum and dad drove to Maroochydore so I could go to Tracey’s hairdresser, Simon, for a colour and a cut. Superb! Expensive, but SUPERB. Well, I say expensive, when you figure I haven’t had one for 18 months, it works out quite cheap…

Back in Caloundra I bought mum & dad some extra ram for the PC (only 16mg as that’s all they had in 72 pin and this was second hand). We had to go to the computer store that dad doesn’t like. I think it’s amazing that my parents not only frequent computer stores but they have a preference. Anyway, I gotta agree. Not very nice guys. In fact the usual kind of smart-arse computer guys that I can’t stand. They also take far to long to transact a deal which shows how inept they are. What does that say about their computers? Surprised they remain in business. Back at the house I fitted it and it seems to run a bit faster (48 up from 32) so fingers crossed the cam works better now.

Dad bought a universal remote for the tv and I tuned it for them then feasted on yumbo bacon sarnies washed down with a scrummy Toohey’s Dry – ah such a life of bliss is this. All followed by a bit of a natter then I went for my, what’s rapidly becoming, constitutional walk along the beach.

I sat by the beach and watched a fairly sizeable fire south on Bribie Island.

Fire on Bribie Island

Very hot and sunny with a few wispy clouds. It’s so lovely to just sit and listen to the water lapping. To take the time to take your time can be pure bliss like this. The birds, the wind in the trees. Heaven.

We’re having a roast tonight so naturally Tracey has invited herself over. I’m doing rosemary potatoes.

“…the 3 richest men in America own more personal assets than the combined assets owned by the entire populations of the 60 poorest countries.” From Stupid White Men by Michael Moore…Freaky.

Got back to the house just before 5 and showed mum how to prepare the spuds – house smelling deliciously of lamb. Trace turned up and we ate at about 6.30. Rosemary spuds were a big hit. They tasted excellent but they didn’t brown. Watched King of Queens during fevered bouts of washing up, then Trace went home.

Karen rang at 8 and we talked until Nigel came home (hour and a half). She sounded alert and awake for a change…I mean that in the nicest possible way. It was great to chat and got me all excited about them coming over in May.

Watched a bit more telly, then bed. My feet very thankful as they are very sore. Thongs and very hot sand are to blame.

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