A day at the beach

Woke up at 5:30am!! Fully refreshed. This morning mum went down to the baker to PICK UP the rolls for the party today. We didn’t bother whispering because dad told us he was awake. Mum told a funny breakfast story about when her bunions were healing. She couldn’t wear shoes so she tried grandad’s old wheel chair with dad pushing. They were going round K-Mart but the front tyre fell off so they squawked along, leaving long skid-marks all over the floor.

Rang Mirinda at 7:30am and talked for an hour. She had a good but busy day at work.

Tracey came round about 11 and we left for the beach just before 12. I went with Trace in her cool red car. Got some beer on the way. Gorgeous, if hot, day. When we got to the beach we ran into the Frangletons who were all looking miserable so I told them off. Tracey then beat up on a bunch of kids at the barbi so we could have two big tables.

Trace then led the way to the beach with me, Drew and his friend Richard right behind her.

Kings Beach

The sea was very warm and the waves not too rough though there was a pretty strong undertow. It was the first time I’d been in the sea for yonks. Nice and cooling on such a hot day. Like me, Trace doesn’t need more than 10 minutes.

When we returned to the table Uncle Ronnie had arrived with Debra and baby Leah. Uncle Ronnie reckons I haven’t seen him since we made the UEP film 30 years ago! Probably right. I gave him a big hug and soaked him.

Peter M arrived with the boys, who hit the water almost instantly.

Eventually we all crowded round as Mitchie and dad blew out the 40 candles on the cake (11 for Mitch, 29 for dad), which was subsequently cut up and devoured.

Mitch and dad blowing candles out

Mitchie went off to skateboard but was quickly back having tried to headbutt the ramp a few times too many. His nose was all over his face.

I sat on the beach with Denise and Trace and watched the boys surfing, which was nice. Took heaps of pics but they were too far away really so I can lie about who is in which shot.

Boys surfing

Then back to mum & dad’s where the 5 of us had dinner. We had mum’s version of spag bol then the 4 of us, leaving dad at home, went down to the RSL for a drink and dance. There was a 3 man band (Beat This) who were NOT a Take That cover band, fortunately. I drank too much and sang a lot and also danced with all 3 of them…so I must have drunk FAR too much. We got back very late.

Mum wanted a picture of all of us but we’d forgotten to take it before we went so we put dad in a shirt and took it when we got back.

The girls had a Bailey’s but I was exhausted – though I reckon the jet lag has gone the way of all bad things as I’d raced passed the 8pm barrier easily.

Denise stayed the night – we shared the little room. I hit the pillow and knew NOTHING else.

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