RAM required

And I slept for 10 hours. Mum was up at 6 because she had to go down to the baker to order the millions of rolls for tomorrow’s beach party. I was up at 6 because I’d slept long enough. We were whispering in the kitchen not to wake dad who was awake.

Rang Mirinda at 9am (11pm). She had a nice, if exhausting, day spending money in Islington, an unsurprisingly easy thing to do. She asked me what I’d done today. I said “woke up”.

Mum & I went shopping in Caloundra. There’s a market every Sunday and we strolled up Bullcock Street, through the stalls. Bought a hot dog – visions of a Bratwurst in Guildford High Street on a Saturday morning. Then to Sunland for various essentials: thongs, collared shirt, dad’s birthday presi, ingredients for Brazilian fish, the usual. Got back to the house at 1pm.

At 5 I made dinner – couldn’t find any lime juice or fresh coriander so it didn’t work very well. Going to try another supermarket and cook it again if I can find the REAL STUFF!!

After dinner we played Rummikin. Apparently Mirinda and I played with mum & dad years ago but I don’t remember. Anyway, it’s like gin rummy but with little tiles like dominoes. We had some fun but as the clock got to 8, my eyes grew heavy and I flaked at 8:30pm!

It sounds like we didn’t do anything today but you have to allow for lots of hours of talking in there. Also mum & dad’s PC is running very slow so I had a look at that. Peter M has installed Office 2000 on it, which wouldn’t help, but I think the problem is it’s only got 32mg ram and now trying to run the webcam is proving too much for it. I’ll try and get some ram for it, which should help…a LOT!

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