Robyn Nevin on a plane

Three hours from Hong Kong (sounds like a song). Managed to catch a few hours of sleep. Having a seat beside me has helped a lot! Sausage, bacon and a strange egg thing, with a muffin for breakfast, that left a lot of room for improvement.

Watched Friends (it was the episode where we find out who came on to who – Rachel or Ross – which the tape ran out when we originally saw it, which is ironic as it involves a video tape. So NOW I know what happened!!).

Hong Kong airport is brilliant. It’s not only a shopper’s paradise, it also has the friendliest, nicest staff I’ve ever had to deal with. As I left the BA flight, there were airport staff waiting with cards for the people transferring to other flights. A smiling, friendly woman put an Australian Airlines sticker on me and told me to go to Gate 18, explaining where that was. Normally you’re left to your own devices and end up going the wrong way and just make your connection.

I had half an hour to wait so I used an ATM to get some HK$. Had no idea what the exchange rate was so tried for $10 thinking this would be enough to get some water and Smarties. The machine laughed at me and said try $100! I bought water and crisps, strolled round a bit. The place is massive but not like Changi which is spread out, this seems to be layered like a shopping mall.

It always amazes me the number of people who sit down and wait for their flight. The 7 hours sitting in it is more than enough for me.

And another almost empty flight. I had both the aisle and window seat to myself. How brilliant is that? I guess the flights cost so much because I can’t fly direct ie cost of 3 planes rather than 2…or 1. Plus extra airport taxes…I guess.

Just had the welcome message. So nice to hear an Aussie accent. The plane is a bit basic, though, not as much legroom as the previous BA plane, though this isn’t really a problem with only 8 people on board. No individual screens, we watch the same one suspended from the ceiling, except me as I get to watch the guy’s head in front of me. No indication of what movies are showing.

Just read (Route 66 AD, on the trail of ancient Roman tourists by Tony Perrottet) that the ancient Olympics ran continuously, every 4 years for 1,000 years until they were stopped by the Christian emperor Theodosius in AD391 – don’t know why but it was probably because God didn’t like all that naked flesh.

Interestingly the in-flight safety demo was in Chinese first, then English. The Australian reader sounded like Robyn Nevin but I’m sure it couldn’t have been. The hosties were very good at demonstrating the right bits of stuff at the right time. All they had to go by was the Chinese.

Had pasta in a subtle creamy sauce – for ‘subtle’ read virtually tasteless – and a Fosters for dinner. So food and beer very similar.

Watched Sweet Home Alabama with Reece Witherspoon. She was very good but it was typical American Schmaltz that by the end was just irritating. I then curled up to sleep for a few hours. Ahh, those two seats, bliss! Should arrive feeling better than usual.

Because of the weird flights, I’ve lost a lot of time somewhere. So it’s now tomorrow…

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