Hellish Heathrow

Left work at 5:30pm and boarded the 6pm coach for the dreaded Terminal 4. Now, I thought Christmas was bad (see Tuscany Day 1) for the hordes but was only practice for tonight. I joined a queue at 7:10. It was already snaking round and around and around enough to make you giddy…except it wasn’t moving.

The reason there were so many people was because they had 5 desks serving 6 flights! I’m glad I didn’t go for a beer after work with Stevie, I’d have missed the flight. After standing and gradually shuffling forward for an hour and 40 minutes, a BA official asked if anyone was for my flight. We were then shepherded to a shorter line at another desk. Eventually, I was in the queue for security an hour before departure!

I raced for a loo and a shop. I managed to get a bottle of Baileys and a bottle of water – I was parched. Quite annoying that most people travel in groups because they can take turns in the queue while us singletons just have to suffer. I found the loo just as my flight was called. I boarded.

When I booked the flight, the travel agent assured me there were only about five seats left. I think he had it backwards – there was only about five people on it! I had the aisle of the centre section and had an empty seat beside me. I kept waiting for someone to sit in it but when the plane started moving I figured I had really got lucky…for a change. Virtually everyone had seats free next to them.

Just before we took off, the captain announced that due to the length of the flight, the crew was doubled – that’ll be a crew member each, then. Mind you, the rest of the passengers may still be in the queue of course.

Took off smoothly at 10pm GMT. Now, where’s dinner? Ah! Dinner was chicken. Just the normal airline food. Washed down with beer.

Started watching S1mone with Al Pacino but was falling asleep. Snoozed and never saw the end.

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