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Today we had lunch on the ferry. I met Mirinda at the flat and we went for a stroll along the Thames Path before heading for the wharf.

I’ve really wanted to get a photo of a cormorant facing me, while hanging its wings out to dry. This one is the best I could get. Not exactly the best angle but a good start.

A cormorant flasher showing it all to a block of flats

We also saw a very strange woman with a fluff ball of a white dog. She seemed to be a bit concerned that we would see her dog. I saw her approaching and mentioned it to Mirinda seeing as we both enjoy the sight of big balls of fluff. The woman disappeared behind a couple of pylons. I assumed she’d reappear as we drew nearer but she didn’t.

Suddenly a little head poked out, wanting to let us know they were still there but the woman tugged it back out of sight. And then, another glimpse as we moved beyond the pylons. The woman frantically tried to hide the dog behind her shopping bag.

What was the story, I wonder. Was she concerned we were landlords who would tumble onto her owning of a pet while living in a no-pets flat? Did she think we would get so jealous, we’d run over and steal her dog? Had she stolen the dog herself? I fear we shall never know. Whatever the reason, it was very strange behaviour.

Given Mirinda had a meeting to get to, we decided to buy sandwiches on the ferry and slowly digest them as we passed the many London landmarks along the Thames. Which reminds me…yesterday a barge floated down the Thames with an 11 metre high, illuminated representation of the five Olympic rings. It was to mark the fact that there is only 150 days to go before the opening ceremony. On the news report where I heard this, the reporter stated that it was to show the rings the many landmarks along the Thames. Very, very odd. The rings will now go back into storage until the actual opening.

There is a story about them here with a picture. On the news report it was dark so they just looked white. Though, having read a report, they were coloured on one side and white on the other.

And now for a couple of caravans. I spotted both of these round the back of the South bank centre and thought them well worth posting.

You wouldn't lose this in a hurry

OK, this one isn’t, strictly speaking, a caravan but it’s very cute, nonetheless.

Looking very 1950s

And, in sad news, I just read that Davy Jones of The Monkees died today, aged 65 (or 66, depending on which report you read). I used to love the TV show back in the day and probably have all their songs. At least he’ll always be remembered.

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  1. mum cook says:

    We thought that very sad too love their songs and music all the good ones are going. Love the pink caravan.
    love mum

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