James Bond at Hankley…again

My last post about the film set being built at Hankley broke all previous USinUK records for number of hits! Let’s see if this one can beat it.

We haven’t been to Hankley for a fortnight. Because we stayed at the flat last weekend, there was no opportunity. Today we returned.

Hankley itself looked gorgeous. The day was very still, quite bright and generally blue. It wasn’t too hot; very pleasant walking conditions. There were a few more people about than we’re used to seeing but then, it was a Saturday and we generally walk on Sunday. Still, it wasn’t as awful as Frensham can get. And virtually everyone had dogs.

At the top of the ridge, we looked down and what did we see? Well, the monastery has acquired a bloody great crane. Right in the middle. It has also been surrounded by scaffolding. They have started making the walls look like either stone or brick and there appears to be a big pre-made hole in the left side of the wall.

We didn’t wander down to it because, frankly, we don’t really care that much. It also added an hour to our walk last time. Anyone who wants to see photographs will have to make do with the ones I took from the ridge.

An interesting development is the new area that has been taken over by them. It’s closer to the ridge and appears to be a big network of scaffolding with nothing in it. At first I thought it was rows of seating – well, the framework for it anyway. Actually, I really have no idea what it is but it’s in an enclosed area looking towards the monastery building.

And that was it, really. The rest of the walk was as lovely as the beginning and the dogs managed to accumulate a lot of pine in their terribly overgrown fur.

Day-z is under there…somewhere
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  1. mum cook says:

    Yes by the look of Day-z she does need a cut and I bet Carmen does too. cant wait for you to say they have blown up the film set.
    love mum

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